• Brexit – European dream on emergy lane: can the fix come from communicators?

    19 September 2016

    While the British referendum on Brexit knocked out European leaders, observers and poll experts, it confirmed a shared feeling: Europe is no longer a dream, let alone an inspirational ambition. It is not hard to project that such a referendum would probably have generated similar results in other European countries. Between the growing euro skepticism, a questionable management of the migrants’ crisis, and the feeling of insecurity resulting from terror attacks, the consensus is there...

  • Proposed legislation for transparency in economic activity: what should businesses expect?

    9 May 2016

    In the current environment marked by the Panama Papers scandal and the question of global coordination in the fight against tax avoidance and corruption, the draft bill initiated by the government to create more transparency in French economic activity comes just at the right time. By Jeremy Seeman The law named ‘Sapin II’, in reference to the anti-corruption law in 1993 by the same author, claims to be effective and exemplary. It enables the French...